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The Eagle Mountain Saginaw School District in a short amount of time was able to go completely online with its three high schools and five middle schools.  We had 100% compliance and collected over 3000 medical forms online in just a short period of time saving time, money, and valuable resources.  The ability to access our athletes medical  information anywhere has made this program a valuable addition to our districts sports medicine program.  I highly recommend this seamless transition that pays for itself every year.

Rick Redden ATC, LAT

Head Athletic Trainer

Saginaw High School


Converting our forms to an online format has significantly cut down on the mountain of paper work that comes with each new sports season. The Power Media team created our site to our exact specifications, and have promptly answered all questions and addressed any issues. The site is easy to use, and there’s been nothing but positive feedback from student-athletes, parents and coaches.

Paul Pignatello, Athletic Director,
Montville Township High School


I support Power Media 100%. They provide a personal touch that other software programs do not. As the Women’s AD, it has saved our coaching staff many hours hunting down paperwork, etc. We have changed all communication to an online format. Power Media fits the need of any organization by setting up the forms as the group wants. I have spent many phone conversations with him making our online forms the best. I hope others will look at Power Media for online registration, data retrieval, nominations forms, etc. I believe after talking with him you will see how great this would be for any organization. Many coaches are old school and are not comfortable with the “internet” and online process. Power Media is an easy tool for your audience and for the administrative team accessing information. It is a great way to maintain the infrastructure of data, members, $, etc.
Teri Morrison, CISD Women’s Athletic Coordinator
Southlake Carroll Independent School District



The outlining of our new process for tournament entry was met with overwhelming approval yesterday. The membership appears eager to jump into this new approach. I’m very excited about it. I’m presently sending out revisions in other tournaments to their directors that now understand the streamlining process.
Bruce Essing, Board Member
Super Essex Conference



We are very thankful for your patient wisdom as you put together our online membership. While it has been helpful this fall, it will be of huge value in the spring when most of our memberships come in. This step will save us endless hours of typing and banking. We have not only gained expert help in an area out of our realm, but also a friend who cares about our business. Thank you, Jeff!
Don Olsen, Executive Director
Montana Coaches Association




I can attest that working with Jeff has been extremely easy. He has visited my school on numerous occasions and always replies to my emails and calls. Anytime that there has been a problem, Jeff has taken care of it immediately. The system works for those of us who cannot stand the paperwork. The emails come to us instantly when a parent fills out the permission slips. We have all of our athletic paperwork available on line for parents.
Joe Ricciardelli, Athletic Director
New Milford High school




I can testify to the great time saving value of working with Jeff. We have used this since before winter and it is fantastic. So easy for parents/athletes and easy for us to access. Highly recommend.
Steve King, Athletic Director
Eastern Christian High school