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Power Media has partnered with many high schools and helped streamline the form collection process for parents and administrators. Below is a list of high schools who use our platform and some of the benefits we have brought them. Also included are links to the finished document, which integrate responses from the online form collection into a template of the high schools choice.


 emsisd logo The Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD needed a more efficient way of handling collection of their athletic forms; one that could be tailored to meet their specific needs and demands. The district consists of 3 high schools and 5 middle schools. Needless to say, form collection was a hectic few weeks which easily turned into a month. By collecting forms online, EM-S eliminated all data entry responsibilities and was able to export data by school for their records. Better yet, their emergency information card was automatically created for them upon submission. The 5000+ athletes and their records were located in one database and easily accessible by those who need it.
 Stamp The Cypress-Fairbanks ISD is one of the largest school districts in Texas. It is comprised of 11 high schools and 18 middle schools. The athletic department came to us looking for a solution for their game day operations. In other words, they needed help relaying ticket sales, game workers pay and game officials pay to the main district athletic office. Prior to working with Power Media, the process took roughly 60 days to pay workers and officials. Since integrating our system, the process takes 3-4 days for payment to be sent. All game day information/data is stored in our database and accessible at any time, from any place.
 LyndhurstHSnew The Lyndhurst High School Athletic Department wanted to abandon the paper form collection process entirely. They came to use asking for a solution that not only does that, but also eliminates redundancy from a parents perspective. Parents who have multiple kids in the school or a child that plays multiple sports had to complete the form process for each kid, for each season. It was not friendly for parents. Now parents go through a user registration process that will auto-populate that information into any forms moving forward. The process has been simplified for their entire high school career. Plus, Lyndhurst partnered with Barnabas Hospital for Cardiac Screening. We tailored the athletic forms so this information was collected and easily sent to the Hospital in preparation for the exam….saving hours of data entry and preparation for this exam.
 logo1 Eastern Christian High School wanted to collect most of their school forms online. The paper process was difficult to manage and they needed the ability to use the information swiftly without going through the data entry process. Power Media’s online form system collected the information and automatically added it to a database. Therefore, school administration could easily view the information and sort it accordingly. For example, they could pull the Emergency Information Cards for all male students in the 10th grade if they desired to do so. As with all of the work we do, confirmation pages and emails are seen by the parents to ensure their form was submitted.
 Menu Logo The Patrick School wanted online form for all of their form needs, from admission inquiries to Internet User Agreements and Summer School Registration. They jumped into the process by implementing a user registration first. This enabled them to collect information that will be auto-populated into any form a parent decides to complete. This solved some of the issues parents spoke out about. Being a private school, The Patrick School needed the system to be super efficient for its administrators. The ability to export data and review forms online was a slam dunk…saving them much needed time to focus on their other responsibilities within the school.
 Bellville_logo The Bellville ISD wanted an easier way to capture information from parents and students and route the collected information to the proper administrator/teacher. One form in particular, Student Recommendation Fact Sheet, collects information from students who want teacher recommendations. Based on certain selections within the form, the responses are routed to the desired teacher with all of the student’s information. So instead of this being a three-step process (and a timely one) it became a one-step process via the Power Media notification system. Another key element the district was looking for was the ability to export all collected data. This is a standard element within our forms system.


Bottom line,  Power Media works with our clients to create a customized solution to fit your needs. Your data collection and distribution needs will never be easier. Most high schools need help with the collection, organization and logistics of their form collection process. Power Media has created a solution that solves these issues. However, we also understand that a one size fits all approach is not the answer. We will tailor/customize your platform to suit your needs.

Additional features include:

  • Collecting payments online– membership fees, convention fees, etc…
  • Polls– automatically tally results for coach of the year. Results can be viewed by only administrators or choose to show your members real-time results. It’s up to you!!!
  • Surveys– easily interact with your members while collecting and analyzing their submitted data.
  • User Registration– register members quickly and easily. Information auto-populates into other forms for quick, member-friendly submissions .
  • Signature Capture– Members, athletes and parents sign your forms using touchscreen devices, touch pads or mouse.
  • Document Integration– Integrate responses from form into the document of your choice. Some example include All-Star Nomination forms, All-Star Acceptance forms, Scholarships, etc…
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