Power Media has partnered with many state Associations to helped streamline the form collection process. Below is a list of associations who are using our platform and some of the benefits lthey experienced. Click on the links to see finished documents, which integrate responses from the online form collection into a specified template.


 Logo1 The Montana Coaches Association wanted assistance in all data collections areas: membership, forms and surveys. We created a membership solution, specific to their needs, which gathered all the necessary information as well as collected payment if the member desired to pay online. Scholarships were also completed online. Nominees submitted the form online where information was stored in the database and integrated into the desired template for the MCA. Administrators have password-protected access to the information, which can be view individual or in bulk (based on any specifications collected from the form). Lastly, Coach of the Year selections were collected online. Results were automatically tallied on a results page, making for much easier way to select your winner!
 MissisippiCoachesAsocLogo The Mississippi Association of Coaches wanted to streamline their All-Star Nomination and All-Star Acceptance Forms. Too many calls, faxes and issues occurred with the paper process. We set up a form that collected all information, showed a confirmation page (with responses integrated into a document) and sent confirmation emails with additional details and the document. Now the MAC needed only the Player Participation and Medical Consent forms from the All-Star Acceptance form. We pulled those forms and sent them back…broken down by East or West and alphabetically.
 NDHSCA Logo_updated_blue_Updated The North Dakota High School Coaches Association wanted an online membership which could be tailored to meet their specific needs and demands. We were able to work with them and create a membership form which works for them (and is still being updated to this day!!!). Information collected during the registration process is automatically auto-populated into any form, thus simplifying the process for members. We also worked with them to create their membership cards upon submission. Administration is able to print their membership card directly from the administrative section of the site…saving them much needed time and effort. We also recreated their scholarship application, which is now streamlined. All scholarship entrees can be exported to an excel document or viewed in their scholarship template.
Logo NOCAD, National Organization of Coaches Association Directors, needed an easier way to collected information from its members. Keeping records current and organizing their annual convention are the most time-consuming tasks during the year. We created an online forms solutions that handled these responsibilities and integrated information into the format they wanted. Convention items, such overall attendance and attendance at various events, are now handled upon submission. Logistically, these two arduous tasks became much easier to organize.
faca05 The Florida Athletic Coaches Association wanted a way to eliminate data entry from within their office. Paper forms were scattered throughout and entering data into an excel spreadsheet was time consuming. We created forms where coaches entered in the information, while the FACA was able to few and export the information to excel. As with all of our forms, all data collected is easily export to excel! The FACA also wanted the sport-specific meeting reports to be collected online, but view-able in a format that is easy to read.
ncstate The North Carolina Coaches Association wanted to streamline their All-Star Nomination and All-Star Acceptance Forms. Take, for example, their Football All-Star Nomination form. Not only did we save them many hours of data entry and collection, the total number of nominations increase by over 300%. Nominations were sorted according Region and then alphabetized by school. The process was much easy then collecting paper forms.
logo The Iowa Basketball Coaches Association wanted to stop the paper process and handle all form via online submission. All forms integrate submitted responses into a specific template, which is store in the administrative section of the site and sent to the individual who submitted the form for their records. All forms send notification emails to various administrators. For example, 3 administrators would receive an email alert when an All-Star basketball form is submitted with the NW region and male select. Some forms have over 30 administrative alerts set within it. Another highly customized package!
 Logo_small The Georgia Athletic Coaches Association wanted an online solution for all of their nomination needs. We created this, along with integrating submitted responses to a specific template, as well as some other customized requests that they had. First, each nomination form was password-protected, meaning a password had to be entered in order to view the form. The password was sent via email to all the coaches beforehand. Second, the GACA wanted coaches to be able to view the athlete who were already nominated. In another password-protected page, we created a directory of all nominations for coaches to see. All 400+ fast pitch softball nomination are able to be viewed by coaches!
thsbca-logo The Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association needed a solution to help with all the paperwork and data entry. They have All-State, All-Star, Academic All-State, Preseason Polls and many other forms…all of which were sent to one individual. It was a huge responsibility and a lot of work. For example the Preseason Poll collects information on all the districts throughout the state with projected finishes, top returning players for a team and top players overall. The process has become a breeze. The All-State nomination process has also become more efficient. The selection committee receives an spreadsheet of the nominees as well as a PDF list of for their Region. 
 Logo The New Mexico High School Coaches Association wanted one thing…reduce the amount of paper in their office. With that, we accomplished multiple benefits for the Association. We simplified the process for all members and eliminated paper forms and data entry. Form submissions were able to be exported into a spreadsheet for the Executive Director to view. All in all, the NMHSCA become much more efficient and streamlined the process of collecting form.


Bottom line,  Power Media works with our clients to create a customized solution to fit your needs. Your data collection and distribution needs will never be easier.

Additional features include:

  • Collecting payments online– membership fees, convention fees, etc…
  • Polls– automatically tally results for coach of the year. Results can be viewed by only administrators or choose to show your members real-time results. It’s up to you!!!
  • Surveys– easily interact with your members while collecting and analyzing their submitted data.
  • User Registration– register members quickly and easily. Information auto-populates into other forms for quick, member-friendly submissions .
  • Signature Capture– Members, athletes and parents sign your forms using touchscreen devices, touch pads or mouse.
  • Document Integration– Integrate responses from form into the document of your choice. Some example include All-Star Nomination forms, All-Star Acceptance forms, Scholarships, etc…
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